Artist Statement
My artwork stems from an ongoing search for images that reinterpret patriarchal signifiers to communicate the narratives and perspectives of women with greater depth and nuance. Captured in photographic snapshots, or extracted from family archives, my subjects expose the psychological effects of deeply ingrained gender and class narratives. My compositions explore the dynamics of intimate relationships within settings marked by estrangement, or the threat of violence, capturing the interplay between connections and their conspicuous absence.
In my works on paper, I depict neglected objects and vacant spaces, layering tactile elements like textiles, and personal objects with domestic craft techniques like mending and knitting. I use a combination of common, accessible medium (water color, colored pencil, and graphite) to embed fragments of text and imagery, creating surfaces that intensify the sentimental quality of my veiled compositions and evoke a sense of foreboding and loss. With an obsessive approach, I repeatedly feature subjects across multiple works, amplifying their importance as if they are the protagonist extracted from a broader, unspecified narrative.
In my current work, I continue to uncover imagery in my surroundings. Through organic objects, fabric patterns, and other natural elements I convey subtle moments of empathy and humanity. I introduce bindings, knots, and netting as new recurring figures within my sparsely inhabited compositions, pairing them with plush fabric sculptures that allude to my own aging body. My inanimate subjects possess human-like qualities, exhibiting a disarming interplay between humor and degradation, and a fundamental need for acceptance and visibility.
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