A Guide: 25 Tips for Survival in a Pandemic
Early in 2022, I began a series of drawings and paintings about the experience of living through the COVID pandemic. Almost as soon as I started creating these pieces, I knew they would become the artwork for my own pandemic survival guide, A Guide: 25 Tips for Survival in a Pandemic. Inspired by 1960s era pamphlets issued by the US government on how to survive a nuclear attack, this collection illustrates my traumatic experience of the pandemic, and reflects the futility of my measures to combat the anxiety and the virus. 
Last year, I collected these images into a limited edition artist’s book that I designed and self published through a successful Kickstarter campaign. A Guide: 25 Tips for Survival in a Pandemic is a guide for our times, and like the cold war era civil defense materials it references, it communicates actionable, yet completely pointless guidance for surviving the unsurvivable.
Original Artwork and Spreads from the Book
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